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YOU ARE A STARFIGHTER. You dance through the void, strapped into a fragile hypervelocity shell capable of glassing moons. Now your colony worlds burn. Your fleets are scattered. The false prophets and traitor kings call you renegade. They hound you through uncharted space while billions of ghosts cry out for vengeance. Let them come. Show them how easily the hunter can become the prey.

SUPER BANDIT is a major overhaul to 24XX BANDIT that improves the game for extended campaign play, adds more options, and provides additional guidance for GMs.

SUPER BANDIT uses the 24XX system. See more at jasontocci.itch.io/2400 or make your own using the SRD.


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Probably the pinnacle of 24XX design, IMO. Really stupendous stuff!

That is no faint praise coming from 199X's creator. Thank you!

Amazing. This is the 2400 game that finally helped me to fully understand how it all works. 

Have you ever thought about a fantasy version?

Thank you! Glad it was clear!

My tastes run sci-fi, so no, I never considered doing a fantasy 24XX game. If you wanted to use Super Bandit to do dragonrider fights, though, go for it!

Just reskinned this for a Star Wars Rebels inspired game. The PCs escaped from an Imperial prison planet by salvaging starfighters from the rubbish heap they were supposed to be junking. They made off with a B-Wing,  a X-Wing,  a Y-Wing, a TIE fighter and a Tie Striker, blasted thru the local garrison squadron and got past a Star Destroyer's fighter screen to do attack runs to take out the destroyer's sensors so they could jump to Alderaan and join the Rebellion!

Thanks for making this game!

Awesome! Glad it's working for you!

Seriously good game design. Like it was written by one of the technical consultants for Battlestar Galactica.

I feel like some kind of house ruling will be needed to make Enemy Tactics (d8) useful to the character. Maybe that could be rolled to get a reveal of the opfor tactic, before the player picks? On (1-2), then the GM gets to pick after the player?

You know 24XX goes, lol. You don't want to prescribe too much, it burns layout space. In my campaign we used it similarly to what you describe (on a 3-4 I'd eliminate one tactic), but we've also used it conditionally in place of Recon to suss out enemy forces and such. Are these mining pods enemy plants or legit workers, and so on.

Yah. The beauty of 24XX is that the layout constraints force the rules to be simple, and the simplicity makes it easier to make convincing house rules.

How would you do the simultaneous reveal mechanic in online play?


I've only ever run this online, and typically what we do is the GM picks their tactic first and then asks the player what they chose. It's the honor system, but hopefully we're all playing with people that we trust in the first place.


This is amazing! The dogfighting and attack run mechanics are really clever. And the bond die is an great expansion on the help mechanic. Really great work.


Thank you! I can't take credit for bonds - check out the jam organizer Jason Tocci's 2400: EOS for where that came from (or if you like Mass Effect).

Agreed! I love the simultaneous reveal in particular